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About Beauty Care

Beauty Care

According to Ayurveda, our face and body reflect the true state of our emotional and physical well-being. It cannot be veiled by cosmetics.

Following the footprints of this ancient science, Shathayu boosts the outer radiance of the body naturally by internal cleansing therapies like Panchkarma and Kaya Chikitsa (to free the body from toxins) as well as by employing herbal steam, scrub, massages, facial packs and toning to rejuvenate outer cells, improve blood circulation and bring natural radiance. These treatments stimulate the deepest layers of the skin and soothe the body from head to toe; eliminating scars; restoring moisture and elasticity.


  • Enhances body’s natural immune system
  • Energizes and regulates all biological functions
  • Improves skin
  • Helps in weight loss

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