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About Infertility


Infertility is the inability to conceive even after regular unprotected sex. As per studies, over 50% cases of infertility are due to female conditions. IUI and IVF are two common methods of treating infertility. However, the success rates for the treatment vary drastically on case to case basis.

In many unsuccessful cases of IVF and IUI, traditional ayurvedic methods have been found useful for natural conception. These methods also help in minimizing the after effects of hormonal therapies in modern treatment.

Ayurveda’s Role:

The infertility treatment adopts a holistic approach which goes as follows:

  • Rasayana ,Vajikarana, and Panchakarma therapies to detoxify.
  • Oral medication – a combination of herbs Ashwagandha, shatavari, kumari, lodhra, ashoka, kapikacchu etc to improve the quality of egg as well as revitalize the reproductive system for effective ovulation, fertilization and conception
  • Nasya, Basti, weight loss, de-stress as per the individual need
  • Santati bindu chikitsa for women with PCOD to improve the chances of ovulation
Fertility Abdominal Massages are an excellent aid for fertility as they relax muscles and promote circulation of blood across the body.

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