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For holistic health, ayurveda teaches that food should be taken as medicine. In other
words, we must be aware of what we eat and how we eat, because what we put in our body could either sustain us or destroy us. Medicine can only do so much and is
incapable of fully regaining our vigor. With good food, medicine is unnecessary for the most part.
Most of today’s prominent diseases are conscientiousness leads to substance abuse, including food. Ayurveda consists of guidelines on what and how to eat for maximum nourishment. Eating isn’t regarded as a pastime activity but a ritual that involves mindfulness. For instance, one should only when he is hungry and a lot of thought should be put into the quality and quantity of food to consume. As Hippocrates counseled, “Let food be thy medicine, they medicine shall be thy food. At SouKshetra every patient will also be given guidance to diet that needs to be followed and practiced at their place in the form of food charts. Various food [Ayurvedic] customized to their body type and need will also be provided
 n order basis.

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