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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga alleviates mental stress and encourages relaxation and inner peace. Furthermore, yoga can also be therapeutic – both as a remedy and as a prophylactic.In the Ayurvedic teachings, yoga and meditation are an essential part of any programme of treatment to establish a balance between the Doshas. In all but a few cases, yoga and meditation practice are integral parts of the daily schedule.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, the extensive experience of our yoga teachers is sure to deepen your knowledge and skills Yoga focuses on the human’s own activeness which shall be supported by the aid of physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayamas) and Meditation. A kind of strength and control of consciousness is being developed which helps to maintain an inner order within the various influences of life. Ayurveda as well as Yoga considers the consciousness as primary power of life which controls everything

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